TriPartum are very responsive and it’s really great working with them. The flexibility they have has been very helpful. When I think something is likely to be a problem, they don’t, because they know how to solve it through their extensive experience, which is very reassuring.

Brett Sadler, Interim Operations Director, North Wales Housing

NWHA is about more than ‘bricks and mortar’. It strives to put tenants at the heart of everything it does and has developed a strategy that ensures they have access to an appropriate level of engagement.

North Wales Housing approached TriPartum with a requirement for a one-off mailing, an annual Fire Safety Update, which they had previously done themselves, and asked TrPartum to help.

With the deadline imminent for creating and sending the material out to tenants, the turnaround needed to be swift. However, their regular communications can be complex and costly documents to create and send and often involve laborious manual processes.

TriPartum came in, evaluated the documents and requirements and outlined how they could help with the rent and service charge mailing. TriPartum demonstrated how they could make the process much simpler and create a smarter A5 booklet format, which looked much better from a branding perspective.

Whilst working with TriPartum on the mailings has enabled a tangible benefit of a 65% reduction in paper use, Brett believes it’s more about the improved consistency and efficiency of the process. “For us, it’s always been about the quality of the service. Is it something we are happy to send out? With TriPartum on board the quality is definitely higher and we are able to plan better because they can create and send things out faster than we could.”

Dual Language

As a Welsh housing association, it was important to create the mailings in both English and Welsh. “TriPartum looked at how we should lay out the material and we went with the two languages running side by side on each page. It works really well,” said Brett.


Key benefits

  • Significant improvements in the efficiency of sending out regular customer communications.
  • A structured approach to enable creation and management of all content for all ongoing customer communications.
  • Inclusion of content only applicable to each recipient’s profile.
  • 65% reduction in paper use.
  • Enhanced customer engagement with clearer messaging and advice.
  • A reduction in the number of ‘query’ phone calls received from customers.
  • A new booklet format created in line with NWHA’s brand guidelines and attributes.
  • Thousands of man-hours saved across the year through not having to create, collate and send out communications manually, which allows staff to focus on their ‘day job’.