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Inside Housing CX 2019 The sector’s festival of customer experience

We’re looking forward to connecting with existing clients and forging new relationships at The Customer Experience Conference and Exhibition (CX2019) — the UK’s leading event for CX leadership teams & practitioners in social housing.

This conference brings together cutting edge thought leadership for personalised customer experience with disruptive business models, and technologies in one place and represents “a new dawn of the customer”.

The extensive programme offers

  • insights and practical tips from social housing providers leading in customer engagement, customer involvement, customer experience, and proven digital models
  • case-studies presented by the companies themselves giving you relevant examples to adopt in your organisation
  • thought-leadership and panel debates on common challenges facing all UK social housing providers
  • best practice in the private sector with presentations from CX practitioners from outside the social housing sector


Monday, 25 Feb 2019
Business Design Centre, Islington, London, N1 0QH

TriPartum support the National Leasehold Group conference

We are proud to further our support of the National Leasehold Group (NLG) and be a sponsor at the annual conference at London Olympia 28 November 2018. We will be showcasing our work for innovative housing associations, and building on our current relationships, to help improve customer experience and offer bottom-line value.

Come by our stand and gain first hand insights from James Shand (Managing Director) and David Pickett (New Business Development Manager) into how moving to our managed service has transformed the customer experience and streamlined business processes for leasehold communications.

If you can’t attend the conference and are interested in finding out more how TriPartum can help you then please give us a call on 0207 186 0055.

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TriPartum highlights the benefits of having a coherent customer communications strategy

We were pleased to once again support the Community Housing Cymru annual housing conference on 11-12 October in the Metropole Hotel, Llandrindod. It provided an ideal opportunity to meet many of the members with whom we have been talking to over the past 12 months as well as new faces wanting to understand how they can improve their customer communications.

Clearly there are still the pressures on all organisations to deliver VfM (Value for Money) across the board, but many had not realised the opportunities that were available in delivering a coherent customer communications strategy. It’s not just about the cost of printing a piece of paper but the total cost for the end-to-end process from generation of the data to the action required by the recipient (customer/tenant/resident).

We were able to demonstrate this with real examples for housing associations, that were able to

  • reduce the cost of materials and postage with some clients achieving savings of up to 44% of materials cost and a reduction of postage costs by 15%
  • improve the business processes with a reduction in the internal time to carry out a mailing by some 800-man hours.
  • reduce the number of calls following a mailing with one client reducing historical inbound calls relating to the same mailing from the previous year by 99%
  • enhance the brand presence of their documentation as well as the customer experience with another association demonstrating (via a questionnaire) an 86% improvement in customer satisfaction

Additionally, there are the softer benefits around the speed to process and despatch to meet regulatory deadlines, with audit trails for receipt of data to posting, plus validation of data and customised content, which contribute to the VfM goal.

A specific requirement for the Welsh market is the need to provide dual language documents, which we can easily accommodate once agreed translations are available. If required, this could be based on customer preference for language of choice with the default being dual languages. Having the preference option can also help with reductions in cost.

Get in touch to see how you can realise the benefits from effective customer communications.

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TriPartum joins Ecrion’s growing stable of solution providers

TriPartum are pleased to announce a new partnership agreement with Ecrion (a leader in the development and implementation of smart, modern customer communications management software) and joins a global list of solution providers that now covers over 30 countries.

This agreement builds on a relationship that dates back for over 10 years to expand TriPartum’s managed services practice and provide continued expertise for our existing client base, as well as introduce new sales and marketing workstreams to jointly acquire new customers.

“We are excited to deepen our collaboration with Ecrion and be recognised for our expertise as this opens up scenarios for us to further our growth plans for the next 2-3 years,” expressed James Shand, Managing Director at TriPartum.

Founded in 2009, TriPartum has built an impressive portfolio of clients that include sectors such as Housing Associations, Finance, Telecoms, and Business Services, providing a high-touch, deep engagement model that optimises customer communications in order to improve operational efficiencies, enhance customer experience, strengthen brand presence whist delivering bottom-line benefits.

“With Ecrion having a new office location in Guildford, England, the timing is perfect to expand operations throughout the UK market,” said Paul Schenkel, Ecrion’s Director of Strategic Partners.

Launch activities are planned for September 2018 to focus on driving marketing awareness and pipeline development.

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Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 – TriPartum hosts CHC membership workshop

Following the successful event in February, TriPartum hosted another workshop in June aimed at understanding the requirements being placed on Housing Associations and Local Authorities as a result of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016.


James Shand, Managing Director, TriPartum Limited.

Bethan Galdwyn, Senior Associate, Hugh James, Cardiff.
Outlined what needs to be done in order to meet the landlord’s obligations as a result of the Act and the anticipated timeframes.

Anthony Cody, Senior Policy Manager – Renting Homes, Welsh Government.
Outlined the current position with the work being undertaken to create illustrative contracts based on the legislation passed by the Welsh Assembly.

David Pickett, Business Development, TriPartum Limited.
Demonstrated a technical solution to help Housing Associations and Local Authorities deliver on their requirements with regard to the issue and re-issue of tenant contracts based on the new legislation.

The Workshop

The workshop held in the delightful surroundings of the Quay Hotel, Deganwy, North Wales, was an opportunity for Housing Associations and Local Authorities to ask questions and understand the various different requirements of the Act.

With the introduction of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016, Registered Social Landlords (RSL), including housing associations and local authorities, will have to manage the process of reissuing tenancy contracts to all of their tenants as per the requirements of the Act.

There are a number of challenges to address when fulfilling the requirements of the Act which will take time (and potentially considerable resource) in identifying the content of existing tenant contracts in order to provide revisions which reflect tenants’ rights.

Our initial research has highlighted the need for:

  • a contract system for Senior Management Teams and Housing Managers to easily view all the variations in contracts with residents.
  • a central repository for standard wordings, as at present any changes are difficult to manage and identify across multiple contract templates.
  • an approval, workflow and audit process for changes to contracts when they are issued as there is provision for tenants to seek compensation where they feel they are in a worse position.
  • a straight forward way to make amendments and manage changes to content whilst ensuring that revised contracts can be version controlled and sent to the residents’ channel of choice.

Although there will be a six-month period to deliver the requirements of the Act once the date has been announced, assessing its scope and implications and the effect on internal operational procedures is essential.

A way forward

TriPartum have developed a solution to help with the management and delivery of revised and subsequent contracts to all tenants based on an existing technology supported as part of the TriPartum managed services for Customer Communications Management (CCM).

The aim of the platform is to make the process for delivering contracts to your residents’ channel of choice as simple as possible within a secure environment that has full audit features alongside a user friendly interface.

If you are interested in seeing the TriPartum solution and understanding how we can support you in delivering these requirements give us a call on 0207 186 0055.

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TriPartum delivers CHC membership workshop

TriPartum worked with Community Housing Cymru (CHC) to deliver a workshop on 19th February in Cardiff aimed at understanding the requirements being placed on Housing Associations and Local Authorities as a result of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016.

Speakers were:

James Shand, Managing Director, TriPartum Limited – Chair and facilitator for the event.

Stuart Ropke, Chief Executive, Community Housing Cymru who opened the event highlighting this new partnership with Commercial Partners to bring the membership insights and information to help deliver services.

Bethan Galdwyn, Senior Associate, Hugh James, Cardiff looking at what needs to be done in order to meet the landlord’s obligations as a result of the Act and the anticipated timeframes.

Simon White, Head of Housing Strategy and Legislation, Housing Policy Division, Welsh Government outlined the current position with the work being undertaken to create illustrative contracts based on the legislation passed by the Welsh Assembly.

Mike Prager, Technical Director, TriPartum Limited who delivered a demonstration of a technology solution that is available to help Housing Associations and Local Authorities deliver on their requirements with regard to the reissue of tenant contracts based on the new legislation.

Complying with the Act

Bethan gave the audience some insight on the actions that they need to consider in order to comply with the Act. There were specific examples highlighted along with discussion on the implications for failing to comply. Effectively the key messages were;

  • When the date for implementation is announced there will be a 6-month window in which to comply and deliver on the requirements.
  • There will be two types of contract – new tenants and existing. New tenants will simply be issued with contracts using the new wording. Existing tenants will need to be issued with new ‘versions’ which incorporate the new wording plus any existing clauses tenants might rely on.
  • To achieve the new version contracts, it will be important to understand what clauses currently exist with tenants to understand what clauses might need to be carried over. This is work that can start now rather than waiting for the 6-month window to deploy.
  • There is a lot to be done in preparation so don’t leave it until the 6-month window. Start the process now and be prepared.

Requirements for the Act

Simon gave an update on the status of the requirements for the Act with a focus on the clauses which will be displayed in the illustrative contracts. Key messages were;

  • Communication to tenants about what is happening is going to be key to avoid confusion.
  • The Act is seeking to offer clarity on right and responsibilities.
  • Fundamental clauses are those which are mandatory in all contracts and should not be amended.
  • Supplementary clauses are recommended to be included in all contracts BUT there is the option to amend or remove as long as the result favours the tenant.
  • Additional clauses are those to be added related to specific properties or converted across from existing tenant terms.
  • There MUST be some form of explanatory notes included with the contract by way of helpful notes for tenants.
  • At this stage the date for implementation has not been set. The Abolition of the Right to Buy becomes law in January 2019 so the earliest date is expected to be April 2019 or even as late as October 2019.
  • The creation of the illustrative contracts is to reduce the administrative burden on landlords.

Technical Solution

Mike demonstrated a technology solution to generate and deliver new contracts and revised (version) contracts. This is based on an existing technology supported as part of the TriPartum managed services for CCM (customer content management). Key messages were;

  • You can set-up the required versions of contracts with a simple batch process.
  • When you open a version of a document you will be presented with the clauses for specific types of contract which can then be amended as required for the different versions with a dynamic WYSIWYG interface.
  • You can identify clauses which you do not want amended so they would be protected.
  • Uploading the personal details for tenants is manged with a simple .CSV files to process in batch mode.
  • Draft pdf images are available to checking via an approval workflow before submission for delivery across appropriate channels.
  • All channels are available to deliver the contract documents on notification they are available – paper; SMS; email and secure document exchange.
  • The secure document exchange facility provides access to a secure portal where tenants can access their documents. There is also a mobile app to access and upload content. It is a two-way channel so documents can be captured and sent back to the you by tenants – such as proof of identity documents

The aim of the platform is to make the process for delivering contracts to tenants as simple as possible with a technology interface which will provide a complete audit trail across multiple delivery channels.


There is no doubt that fulfilling the requirements of the Act will take time and potentially considerable resource in identifying the content of existing tenant clauses in order to provide revisions which reflect the tenants’ rights today.

Whilst there will be a six-month period to deliver the requirements, once the date has been announced, it would be prudent to start work prior to this in order to understand the scope of what is required.

Everyone is looking to technology to ease operational costs with processes to deliver on VfM (Value from Money) objectives. The TriPartum solution will help meet this objective, especially with the initial delivery of contracts to all tenants.

Due to the Act providing for tenants to seek compensation from landlords for failing to comply with the requirements of the Act, particularly where they feel they are in a worse position, audit trails will be critical in defence.

GDPR will add a further level of complexity to the process where landlords are seeking to deliver documents electronically to save cost. This will need to be undertaken in a secure way which is the essence behind the TriPartum secure document exchange as part of the electronic channel delivery.

James Shand, Managing Director, TriPartum

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TriPartum presents at CHC Communications Conference

TriPartum presents at CHC Communications Conference

It’s been a busy start to the year, with Ben Whitmore, TriPartum’s Design Director, travelling to Swansea to present at the 2018 Communications Conference, organised by Community Housing Cymru (CHC).

The conference featured sessions on marketing, social media, branding, crisis communications, media relations, graphic design and more.

In his presentation ‘Communicating clearly with tenants’, Ben focused on how to:

  • make sure that regular tenant communications, such as rent statements and service charge documents, are clear and compelling
  • communicate with tenants in the format that is right for them
  • create better customer experiences.

You can find out more about the conference here.

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February 2018 Newsletter

Latest News from TriPartum: February 2018

Welcome to our first newsletter of the year. There’s plenty happening at TriPartum – here are just a few of the highlights!

  • Educational event: helping CHC members with Welsh contract compliance
  • Technology insights: two new Ebooks
  • Featured client: Peabody Group
  • Award winning solutions

Take a look inside.

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A to Z of CCM Guide

A to Z of CCM guide

At TriPartum, we live and breathe customer communications management (CCM) every day. However, we recognize that organisations may not fully understand the benefits of CCM.

There are a lot of buzz words and phrases around CCM that not everyone is familiar with. So, we’ve put together an ‘A to Z of CCM’ guide with some of the terminology used.

Whether it’s ‘compliance’, or ‘multichannel’, or ‘retention’, you can find out more in our easy-to-use guide.

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Reflections on 2017 – we’re ready for 2018!

What an exciting year 2017 was for both TriPartum and our clients. Below are just some of the highlights that have set us up for another great year in 2018.

Our clients

Throughout 2017 we worked closely with our housing association clients to further improve their tenant and stakeholder documents and help them meet their digital transition and Value for Money (VfM) objectives.

We were delighted to be selected as a commercial partner of Community Housing Cymru. At their Big Conference we had the opportunity to connect with their housing associations members from across Wales. Watch out for further exciting developments in 2018!

Other events we attended include the NHF Annual Conference in Birmingham, where we met many professionals from housing associations across the country, find out more. We also attended the NHF Service Charge and Leaseholder conference in London.
TriPartum attends NHF leaseholder service charges conference.

One of our key successes in this sector was the work done at One Housing, which is outlined in our client story and video testimonial. Further success was also achieved with Peabody Group, again reflected in our latest client story..

But our client successes were not just restricted to social housing. Working with one of our key clients in the financial industry, we redesigned the content of their customer statements for 2018. This is a major project to enable them to meet their regulatory obligations with information, as well as review other content and information relevant to their customers.

Our company

In 2017 we were proud to deliver for our clients:

c8,437,658 images

c546,615 mail packs

c674,349 e-mails

c1,268 support hours

Our solutions gained further industry recognition in 2017. We were shortlisted in three categories for the Solutions Awards 2017 – and won the ‘Solutions for Direct Mail’ category.
Read more

Technology-wise, we introduced our new CCM managed service platform, Synthesis, which provides new functionality for customers to enhance their customer communications across all channels.

We invested more in marketing and new business development in 2017. We refreshed the TriPartum brand and launched a new website featuring a wealth of client stories, eBooks, blogs and videos featuring our clients and our team.

To help create more awareness of our company and our solutions, we were featured in leading industry media:

Housing Technology features TriPartum article

One Housing featured in 24housing

Housing Technology November featured TriPartum article

24housing December features TriPartum digital transformation article

Finally, David Pickett joined the TriPartum team as Business Development Executive. David has been successful in building solid relationships in a number of key market sectors, leading to projects which we believe will provide a solid foundation for success in 2018.

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