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We know what we are talking about

It’s nice to get a bit of recognition and we are often asked to give our view on the many aspects of the rapidly changing nature of the document industry.

June 2010

the digital nirvana: How do Direct Mailers feel about Transpromo?

A few weeks ago Elizabeth Gooding posed a question about direct mail providers and Transpromo on LinkedIn. TriPartum Managing Director James Shand contributed to the debate arising from the question: "Is the art and science of using transaction documents as a customer retention vehicle a threat to direct mailers or an opportunity?" A brief summary and quotes from the LinkedIn thread is featured in the digital nirvana blog. 

May 2010

e-views: Why transactional – why now?

Royal Mail Business Development Manager Alex Ricketts gives an overview of the Mail Media Centre (now MarketReach) initiative over the past year to raise awareness of the opportunities for transactional mail and the development of tools such as designed to guide people through their own bills and statements to start a dialogue on how they could be improved.

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November 2009

PrintMedia Management: The transpromo tsunami

Transpromo has been heralded as the next big thing for print for a number of years, but has not had the impact many expected. PrintMedia Management invited TriPartum Managing Director James Shand and others to discuss why.

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PrintMedia Management

April 2009

e-views: Effective documents are not just about looking good

TriPartum Information Design Director Ben Whitmore discusses the challenges and opportunities that many organisations face when designing effective documents.

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June 2007

Output Links: James Shand talks about the benefits of the Electronic Document Professional certification

TriPartum Managing Director James Shand talks to Output Links on being an Electronic Document Professional (EDP) and the challenges facing the High Volume Transaction Output (HVTO) industry.

Read profile on the Output Links website