North Hertfordshire Homes (NHH) provides affordable homes for local people in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. It sends out different documents to householders, including rent and insurance statements, and needed these communications to be more personalised and friendlier.

TriPartum advised NHH on the ‘look and feel’ of the documents, including how to structure them and add colour for a more consistent and professional appearance. NHH’s rent statement was previously printed on A3 paper and folded – TriPartum helped redesign the statement so that it could be printed on A4 and inserted into smaller envelopes, translating into paper and print savings.

Like many organisations, we are looking to be more digital in our customer communications, and it is reassuring to know that TriPartum has that capability in place.

Jacquie Fowler, PR and Marketing Officer, North Hertfordshire Homes


Key benefits

  • Enabled NHH to save paper, print and postage costs.
  • Streamlined processes and freed up management time from administrative tasks.
  • Structured documents for a more consistent and professional appearance.
  • Improved personalisation and enabled a friendlier approach.
  • Ensured householders’ communications are more tailored and targeted.
  • Enabled full production and reconciliation reporting, from receipt of data through to delivery.