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JT reduce costs with customer centric bill design and managed service provided by TriPartum

JT recognised that its existing and largely bespoke billing platform, and the complex bills it was outputting, were no longer ‘fit for purpose’. The introduction of a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and billing platform, Comverse (now Amdocs), provided the opportunity for the company to completely redesign the 52,000 bills it was sending to consumer, business and wholesale customers.

Objectives of the redesign were set in order to demonstrate a step-change and underpin an improved and more flexible way for customers to see billing information..

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Case Study_JT bill design anf managed service

Key benefits

With its work on the new bill and improved business processess, TriPartum has helped JT to achieve a number of benefits:


  • greater flexibility underpinned with a customer centric design
  • increased uptake of additional products and services driving ARPU since rollout
  • enhanced brand awareness
  • improved customer experience



  • costs by 20%
  • bill related queries to call centres
  • churn due to a poor billing experience
  • customer complaints



  • multi-channel delivery
  • inclusion of targeted and variable marketing messages
  • greater customer engagement