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TriPartum help CPA Global to manage clients’ IP assets

CPA Global is the world’s leading Intellectual Property (IP) management and technology company with the insight, experience and global expertise to create, protect, maintain and maximise IP assets on a global scale.

They had reached a point where to maintain a ‘customers come first’ approach the documents sent to clients and the processes that supported them had to be fundamentally revised.

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Case Study_CPA: Document design and managed service

Key benefits

Key benefits of the solution from TriPartum included:

  • a content management process to allow changes to document content in European and Asian languages
  • design and composition of documents allowing flexibility for differing client requirements and formats including print, PDF and Excel
  • white labelling and dual branding of documents to support business partners’ needs
  • complex pre-processing with in-process grouping and shaping of data reducing the need for IT involvement by CPA Global
  • a data shelf where documents are stored until their designated delivery date, saving weeks of manual and error prone archiving and unarchiving
  • collation of documents for both print and email destined for the same address saving considerable costs on postage and materials
  • a comprehensive audit trail and management reporting for receipt of data, production and reconciliation of documents and their target channels and for documents that have failed due to predefined business rules