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BGL Group benefit from TriPartum’s insight in selection of a fully outsourced print solution

In just a couple of decades, BGL Group has grown to become one of the UK’s largest consumer insurance groups and has expanded into other financial services. The group is always seeking out innovative products and services for customers, exploring new markets in the UK and beyond.

In fact, the group says it is “obsessive about delivering for our customers”. Of course, “delivering” means communicating effectively with customers, which it does through some six million printed communications per year, including welcome packs, renewals and letters.

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Case Study_BGL Group: Consultancy for out-sourced print service

Key benefits

TriPartum has helped BGL to achieve a number of benefits by providing:

  • Industry recognised expertise and independent third party advice to senior executives.
  • Insight and reassurance for associated stakeholders that outsourcing was a coherent direction for the business.
  • Criteria for Invitation to Tender (ITT).
  • Guidance to BGL Group through the selection process and shortlisting of outsourcing suppliers.